about us

Many in the world asking

Is it really true all that is published in the media on Israel

is it really the truth

We invite you on a fascinating journey full of adventures and attractions to learn to know the truth personally and direct

come and see a different reality

a reality of love, brotherhood

let’s get to know the Israeli Sabar, direct rough but honest with a true mind

let’s get to know the Spirit of Israel

Many are intrigued to know how the state of the Jewish people, Got so bad image “state Oppressive to the Arabs and Palestinians”        For This country is the origin for the three worled largestt monotheistic religions

here were born the world’s largestthe major religions

Muslims:Father of the Ishmaelites, the Arab people, is Ishmael son of Abraham, Isaac’s brother, Abraham’s son, that was deported to the desert by Sarah, and with Gods help Survived and it was a seed of Ishmael

Christians: Jesus Christ was born a Jew, Jewish mother and father and spent his childhood and youth as a Jew, until he founded the christian religion and retired from Judaism, he was announced as the Messiah son of God

Who are you the State of Israel

how a country which is the cradle of world civilization homeland to three major world religions, look so bad in the world media

I think the simple answer is most of the information distributed on the State of Israel and clearly biased against her.

We are here to contribute little some of the truth, to show the world the truth, and bring it to those who wish to know the real Israel, a multinational state and the only democracy in the Middle East, a country with  a rich cultural history and stunning views, unique country, unique to all religions of the world and is particularly important as the Jewish state.

The best way to know her is to travel and experience comes directly and incapacitating means the culture and history of landscape, experience the sense of the sacred religious sites line the many sacred to all religions

Adventurous journey full of attractions and special districts, a mysterious land where history and creation story come true

Country embraces all faiths land of milk and honey, a modern high-tech multinational incorporates and embraces the old and new country seeking regional peace with its neighbors

Come joined us on a trip to search for truth

Truth as it is in reality in the Land of Israel

We handle all your needs

and that a promise

Our team welcomes you all, peace, and hope you choose us to Take care of all your needs, and your family to your next visit to the Holy Land of Israel

We are the first tourist company, who offer all in1 trip attraction & challenging adventure, in Israel.

We’ll wait for you, pick you from the port/airport, and we’ll take you to our hotel where you can rest and prepare, before setting out with us on a trip across the country. Dream magical encounter between you with history, and return you to the present, a magical journey you will not forget for long time.

During our trip we combine special activities Like for example, camel or horseback riding ,Jeep riding  ,rafting The Jordan River, wait water rafting, visiting to the holy and historical sited in Israel. The holy Jerusalem, dead sea, Bethlehem, tel aviv, elat.

 This service will be provided to all guests Our staff is very experienced and highly responsible.

We take our role, to please your stay with us, to the maximum we take care of our guest so that they have a pleasure stay with us.

Our trip takes in various fascinating beautiful natural locations.

Attraction Israel Tour & Hotel is trust worthy. We always take good care all of customers, as if they are member of our own family.    Warm welcome to Attraction Israel All In 1 Adventure Tour & FB

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